I also love San Diego!

I love San Diego.  This is a fact.  The mild weather and the proximity to all my favorite activities can’t be beat.  The mountains, ocean, desert… all within a couple hours!  The traffic isn’t nearly as bad as OC and LA and the people aren’t awful. 🙂  That’s why Hung and I knew we would settle down here.

This weekend, we were going to go to Superstition to ride our quads, but it ended up raining and it was cancelled – but no fear!  It made for prime snowboarding conditions.  Also, our friends Christelle and Adrianne visited us, and we had wonderful Thai food and trendy frozen yogurt before taking a walk by the beach.  Life can’t get any better than that!

Exhibit A: Crystal Beach pier towards sunset

Exhibit B: Friends and frozen yogurt (ignore strange mid-chew smiles)

Exhibit C: Da Beach

I rest my case.


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