I love winters!

Winter is my favorite time of year because I love doing stuff like snowboarding and going dirtbike riding… all of which are best when the weather is cold/cool.  I went snowboarding for my birthday since it was free last Saturday, but I couldn’t resist going back up to Big Bear this weekend because we got a nice dusting of snow.  Vu came with us, and we met up with Ron and Trang (and her bro) while they were up there.  Apparently, her cousin has a baller cabin.  Too bad we’re not family so we can stay, too! hehe.  Nevertheless, more fun was had this weekend and it was actually reminiscent of Tahoe with the snowy conditions (chains required, and chilly lift rides with snow pelting your face).  Oh, I also like winters because I get gifts for Xmas and for my bday, too!  Best season EVAR.

Some pics for you to enjoy.  Hung, Trang, Ron and Vu before we load up on the cattle truck… Moo.

Brr, I even get cold looking at these pics… this is one of me and Hung.

So pretty with powdered sugar on everything!


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