camping up the wazoo

wow.  haven’t been writing lately.  it was going pretty good there, but you know me! haha.  well, what have we been up to?  ever since the visit to minkz and dawn’s to visit lil penny, we’ve been busy taking advantage of weekends, furlough days (read: unpaid days off) and extended vacations. the economic downturn has been a downer, with the automotive industry getting hit pretty hard.  bankruptcies left and right.  nissan is doing okay though, but we all can be sure to not expect raises. boo.

anyway, the most notable trips after the bay area include a camping trip to sedona, arizona.  we had chosen this as a plan B after the havasupai indian tribe closed their village in the grand canyon in fear of swine flu for the whole month of may.  originally, we were supposed to go the first first week of may, and it was organized by a couple who shall remain unnamed.  it was an interesting trip: super beautiful scenery,  although a little tainted with drama from our co-campers.  let’s just say they were not happy campers most of the trip – if one wasn’t grumpy the other one was!

here’s a panoramic pic of hungiepoo (click to get more sizes):

next up was a trip to big bear for the long memorial day weekend with the in-laws (hung’s parents) and our friend vu.  the trip went a little better and there was definitely less drama, but boy there was vomiting!  yep.  we took hung’s mom on a 4-mile hike which was from hanna flat campground down to big bear lake, so it was mostly downhill.  the weather was pretty nice and sunny, though many of the trees were still burnt from the fire a couple years before.  thus, no shade.

so anyway, during the hike, hung’s mom got really hot and wasn’t feeling well and said she wasn’t sure if she could make it back (it took 2.5 hours to hike down, and by that time it was 5pm). knowing she would be even slower uphill and we didn’t want to push her, we told the ‘rents to stay at the lake and me, hung and vu would hike back to camp and pick them up in the truck.  we got back in an 1.5 hrs, though by the time the boys picked mom up, she’d gotten cold.  so the temperature extremes, combined with the altitude and a major migraine, mom tossed her cookies that night and was on the verge of death. we were scared and thought we’d have to take her back home that night, but she yakked some more and napped and was much better.

sigh.  i think hung and i should just go camping solo.  much more peaceful that way.  here’s a panoramic pic of vu (click for more sizes):


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