speaking of babies: meet kirin

something must be in the water, because babies are popping up everywhere!  my friend annaliese had a bun in the oven and we had a blast putting a shower together for her.  i think we had 6 baby games and prizes galore. haha!  i wish i hadn’t been a co-organizer so i could win some of those. 😛  we made her sit in a “throne” to open gifts and wear a sash that said “it’s a boy!”.

kirin liam manning finally came into the world on 5/12/09 and i got to see him fresh out of the oven @ 4 hours old.  he’s quite a sweet little redheaded guy.  and he’s huge!  i think he’s as big as my niece, though he’s more than a month younger.  must be those 6’ tall people genes!

annaliese and kirin at the hospital, and three weeks later.  congrats, you guys!  (she has all the cuter close-up pics of him somewhere.)


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