Meaningful Blogging

I was thinking about blogging… and why we blog.  Personally, part of me wants to blog to keep friends and family in the loop about what I’m up to… but another part of me aspires to blog about meaningful stuff.  Stuff that people might find informative or interesting.  It would be neat to become a prolific writer about one certain subject or another.  This is why I migrated from Livejournal to WordPress… perhaps to me it was like moving on from MySpace to Facebook. Growing up of sorts. Ha!

Anyway, I also thought that blogs should always be accompanied by some photo I had taken… and because I lost my Canon 20D that Hung bought me for Xmas (damn me!) I think a part of me died when I lost my first SLR.  I can’t bring myself to post pictures from my P&S camera… it makes me sad that I could have had a better quality photo.

So I was just thinking out loud there, but at work I’m working on a project that has gotten me back into reading books about social trends and generational differences.  I thought I would start posting some neat stuff that I found here to remind myself or be of use to someone else  (It was my original intent, actually.)  Don’t worry though.  I will continue to consistently be inconsistent about writing entries about my personal life… of that you can be sure.  🙂


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