Nissan V2G Vehicle-to-Grid Concept


So a project that I worked on has finally been released, and it’s seen some good press! (Isn’t that what you call 2 mildly positive blog entries, nowadays?)  Anyway, all the soul that I put into my work feels like it’s worth it when something I touch comes to fruition in any form.  The Nissan V2G, an electric vehicle designed for Gen Z kids in 2030, came from Nissan Design America and it was neat to see all the blood, sweat and tears from the team turn into something blog-worthy.  Check my name in the research credit! 

I also proposed the name which was chosen, that serendipitously turned out to be an electric vehicle system we’ve been talking about for a while.  V2G is a system in which EVs communicate with the power grid to supply electricity to the grid or smartly charge during off-peak hours.  Perfect for the story of Nissan’s future for EVs!

I shouldn’t forget about all the other projects I’ve worked on which has just hit the roads or will be launching soon!  It’s neat to say that I am actually driving the vehicle concept that I developed at the beginning of my stint at Nissan Advanced Planning.  The Nissan Cube!  I drove past one today and the girl who was driving it totally fit the target customer Sam (25 year-old Confident Creative Echo Boomer) that I fleshed out.  (Nevermind that the Cube also appeals to a bunch of old Boomers because of its super low price.)  “Yay!” to small victories.

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