Our Nissan V2G Concept Wins LA Design Challenge 09!


Last month I wrote about our design team’s entry for the LA Auto Show Design Challenge.  The theme was Youthmobile 2030 and we were tasked to “envision what a new generation of drivers – raised with cell phones, online communities and webcams – will demand from their vehicles in the year 2030.” 

This past Thursday, I headed up to the LA Auto Show with my co-workers (some of the very ones with whom I worked on this project) to hear the announcement of the challenge winner.  To our pleasant surprise, they announced Nissan Design’s V2G Concept won! I was so stoked and jumped up right away to try and steal some limelight.  It was really an honor for us since there were some pretty stiff competitors. 

This small victory makes up for the fact that Nissan didn’t even have a booth at the show, due to cutbacks.  It really made my day/week/month.  Here’s a pic I found of Robert, me, Hase and Randy… we’re laughing at the heavy trophy they gave NDA!  Photo credit goes to the Examiner article below.  Newsweek said they may be doing a small piece on it, too!  Hopefully the picture they select to use is better. :)  Maybe we can even re-take the pic with Steve who was the ring-leader of it all.


[Source: Max Donner at The Examiner]

Some of the news links:







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