Rise of the DEO

I came across the term “DEO” when I visited the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco. There was a black and white coaster that caught my eye with this provocative term and its tagline “Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design”. I grabbed a few of these freebies that I thought my co-workers would enjoy. After […]

Things I would like to write about

Seeing as I am horrible at updating a blog, perhaps I’ll just capture a few entries on some topics sporadically.  Here they are in no particular order: What life lessons I have learned from my job about leadership, creativity, and community at a satellite design studio My advice to my own generation and generations after, […]

More Articles on Nissan V2G Concept!

I found out that our concept and I could also be found in Car Design News in an article written by Matthew DePaula.  Here’s a snippet: Design Contest: NDA wins 2009 LA Design Challenge by Matthew DePaula    11 Dec 2009 A future where environmentalists and car enthusiasts – not to mention sober-minded adults and thrill-seeking […]

Our Nissan V2G Concept Wins LA Design Challenge 09!

Last month I wrote about our design team’s entry for the LA Auto Show Design Challenge.  The theme was Youthmobile 2030 and we were tasked to “envision what a new generation of drivers – raised with cell phones, online communities and webcams – will demand from their vehicles in the year 2030.”  This past Thursday, […]

Meeting the Nissan LEAF in San Diego

Eight months ago, I blogged about the Nissan EV Prototype Tour, yet I’m in awe that momentum is sky-rocketing since revealing our first mass-market EV, the Nissan LEAF! Promotion of our company’s Zero-Emission strategy is a huge undertaking, and again I had the privilege of witnessing this effort first-hand. This time, the LEAF is touring […]