Rise of the DEO

I came across the term “DEO” when I visited the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco. There was a black and white coaster that caught my eye with this provocative term and its tagline “Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design”. I grabbed a few of these freebies that I thought my co-workers would enjoy. After […]

More Articles on Nissan V2G Concept!

I found out that our concept and I could also be found in Car Design News in an article written by Matthew DePaula.  Here’s a snippet: Design Contest: NDA wins 2009 LA Design Challenge by Matthew DePaula    11 Dec 2009 A future where environmentalists and car enthusiasts – not to mention sober-minded adults and thrill-seeking […]

Meeting the Nissan LEAF in San Diego

Eight months ago, I blogged about the Nissan EV Prototype Tour, yet I’m in awe that momentum is sky-rocketing since revealing our first mass-market EV, the Nissan LEAF! Promotion of our company’s Zero-Emission strategy is a huge undertaking, and again I had the privilege of witnessing this effort first-hand. This time, the LEAF is touring […]

Ann Ngo: About Me

  Though I am a researcher at heart, when I can design information that I’ve absorbed into meaningful innovation for humans or spark the imaginations of others, that is my nirvana. Using visual stories as my medium, I synthesize consumer trends and human-centric considerations into design inspiration. My arsenal includes graphic design, infographics and interactive […]

my niece penny ngo

Every time I see a picture or video of my niece, I always smile – she’s that cute!  I’ve been able to see her grow periodically from when she was 1 month old, 100 days old and more recently 4 months old.  She’s put on some baby weight, which makes her even cuter, not to […]

camping up the wazoo

wow.  haven’t been writing lately.  it was going pretty good there, but you know me! haha.  well, what have we been up to?  ever since the visit to minkz and dawn’s to visit lil penny, we’ve been busy taking advantage of weekends, furlough days (read: unpaid days off) and extended vacations. the economic downturn has […]